100w Outdoor Slim Led Floodlight Technology Should Be Excellent

After the shock of the financial crisis, the European and American markets have shown a recovery trend. Among them, North America and Europe are the major overseas markets for Chinese lighting products. For the United States, the LED market is rapidly rising. On the other hand, the high social cost also makes the competitiveness of “Made in the United States” not advantageous. The North American and European Union markets also have higher product quality requirements, requiring UL and CE certification, respectively. There is also ROHS certification for the EU market.
European and American countries also have strong strengths on chips, and are committed to indoor LED promotion, but they are not involved in 100w outdoor slim led floodlight. China’s LED street lamps have a wide international market. But to enter the international market, LED street light technology must be excellent.
LED is the direction of the world’s lighting in the future. Some people in the industry said that there will be a wave of LED lighting replacement in 2015. For the domestic Led Street Light Factory, it is urgent to develop and expand the international market. For overseas countries, if they want to develop well in the Chinese market, they must change their thinking and implement localization!

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