Naomi surveys DK Online Florins her neighbours with a cynical eye, as she stands at the middle of Mongul’s fight and the repairs out of Superman. Is what she’s being told the facts? Or is there a puzzle with? It should be pointed out there is at least one individual who gives her a curious look. Obviously, it might be due to Naomi’s glare, but imagine if they are really afraid that she is getting close to discovering the truth?

Naomi gained her first clue from Dee, who runs a car mechanic. Dee confirmed the current Superman incident is not the first time something like that’s occurred there, and the other occurrence took place seven decades back on March 14, which also appears to be the day Naomi was adopted. Coincidence? We believe not.

Whatever happened, everybody’s memory of it had been altered or erased, save for Dee. Also, it might have involved leaving Naomi behind in a home. Her parents are attached to it too. Readers will get to meet them next issue, so clues for this DC Universe Online conspiracy ought to be forthcoming.

They should honestly remake the sport and make it pay to win. A cheap DKO Florins start would certainly make me a lot more get back into the game. I occasionally hop on to create characters when I’m bored but that’s it. I’ve had so many times on this match, I believe I started playing when I was about 8 or 9 I am almost 14. I really like this sport but it’s just not doing it for me.


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