A brand new esports tournament coming to Call of Duty: Mobile with $1 million in prizes

Activision has announced that Call of Duty: Mobile will host Esports tournament with more than $ 1 million USD in cash prizes. Players from the title phones Veteran or higher rank in multiplayer mode will be able to participate in an open online qualifiers, scheduled for April 30 to 24 May.

Players who earn at least 80 points in the first 10 games they rank each weekend will be able to progress to the second stage of the World Championship. All players are eligible who participate will receive in-game rewards for signing up and playing every week. external input devices such as controllers, mouse and keyboard are prohibited to be used, except that given by an official. Sure, the game can not be played on a desktop emulator as a tournament which was booked as a touchscreen tournament is almost exclusive to maintain the competitiveness of mobile. Furthermore,You can buy Cheap Call of Duty Points at 5mmo.com by using the code “5MMO” for a 3% discount.

Participants must be at least 18 years old and be in good standing with the game, no violations of the open or concealed. Players also must use the handset to qualify and can not use external devices that modify the game controls (such as a Bluetooth controller, mouse and keyboard, or a desktop emulator) without the consent of the government of the show. Administration has the right to investigate any player violating the rules and disqualify them from participating in the upcoming tournament.

Activision will reveal more details about the prize money and the format for the second phase of the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship tournament in the coming weeks. All players who qualify will get in-game rewards for signing up and playing every week.

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