A brand new generation of players is flocking to “Fortnite

A brand new generation of players is flocking to “Fortnite,” the conflict royale-style online shooter title fast becoming the hottest video game on the internet.With its own vibrant, cartoonish visuals and slick controls, the Fortnite Items free-to-play game is surging in earnings and fame — and enabling younger gamers to gain prominence.

One of them will be 13-year-old Kyle Jackson, the youngest ” fortnite weapons” player to be a expert gamer.A resident of Kent, England, Jackson has united a team of other professionals that compete against other teams in tournaments for cash. Prize pools for some video game tournaments can reach tens of thousands of dollars.

“If you are playing a team and you also think of them as just teammates and not friends in any respect, I think that has a big influence on the staff and it doesn’t make you play or speak to each other as well,” Jackson said.The game has racked up thousands of downloads, and has enjoyed constant growth in popularity since its launch this past year. “Fortnite” lately pulled ahead of its main rival in the genre, “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds,” in revenue and participant count, according to a March report by SuperData Research.

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