A Large Number Of Sublimation Paper Wholesale

Although many roll sublimation paper are now produced by CNC machines, some still need to manually hot stamp the material on the substrate during the heat transfer process. During the heat transfer process, due to moisture, temperature, and weather, problems may occur during the heat transfer process. Don’t panic, these heat transfer products are not the problem?

So the problem is coming, there is a problem in the thermal transfer process, how should we deal with it?

The first point is very important, we must learn to judge whether it is a problem with the thermal transfer product itself. The product cannot be packaged and it must be okay, but it is absolutely impossible for the entire batch of materials to have this problem with the thermal transfer products of the regular company’s regular channels! It can only be said that the customer was used to the heat transfer product materials of other companies before, and now it is changed to a new batch of materials, the parameters and operation process may not be very clear, plus the expectation will be high, it is easy to solve this problem and that problem Up!

Another point to be mentioned is that customers have some problems with old products. Now that they are replaced with new products, the price may be more expensive. In the pursuit of perfection or more distinctive features during testing, there will be deviations, after all. Only some middlemen who make a difference can better persuade his customers to buy.

It is also very important to learn to judge whether it is the reason for the operation. This requires meticulous perfection and a clear view of the various parameters of the thermal transfer equipment. After all, the parameters of each equipment are different. If the parameters are not adjusted well, the cutting effect will be much worse. In the heat transfer process, the three ironing elements that the editor has been reminding repeatedly before are very important!

The three elements of thermal transfer are “time”, “temperature” and “pressure”, which must be mastered particularly well! If the pressing time is too long during thermal transfer, it is easy to cause the engraving film and heat transfer to become scorched. The temperature is too high and the same is true. Even if the temperature is too high, the thermal transfer engraving film, heat The transfer heat transfer is broken. The pressure generally has a fixed value. It should be carried out strictly according to the parameters of the machine and the product. Some machines have different properties. It is recommended to test first.

sublimation paper wholesale should conduct a small sample test before processing large quantities of thermal transfer products. After the test results are satisfied, they can be mass produced!

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