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A Reddit user by the FIFA Mobile Coins title of”RusskiePotato” has compiled a rudimentary interactive map program that pinpoints lots of the buildings and plenty of other items of interest to be found in the region of Appalachia. You may find the map here.First things initially, the trendy clothing like outfits and hats don’t offer you any defensive bonuses. You are better off equipping body armour or finding one of those coveted Power Armor sets concealed in Appalachia if you want to prevent damage.

Gas masks on the other hand do provide a bonus that is tiny. If you want more details on weapons, then visit our FIFA Mobile Coins guns manual, then here are some tips for FIFA Mobile Coins armour.

You’ll occasionally need to repair them since weapons and armour may crack. This may be done at any workbenches at Appalachia, either or at different locations. If a piece of gear should become broken, it won’t disappear from your inventory, but you won’t have the ability to equip it.

More on people in our Buy FIFA Coins CAMP guide.One of the weirdest things I found while playing was that even though some weapons are precisely the exact same in terms of their mod equips, level of weapon, and overall rating; their maximum condition will vary drastically from weapon to weapon.

So just because you’ve got two guns that otherwise are precisely the same, switching between you and the other will reveal that one has greater state possible, making it the simpler choice to scrap another and improve the greater weapon.

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