Almost 10 years starting 2007 in buy wow classic gold

I have played entirely on Personal Servers for almost 10 years starting 2007 in buy wow classic gold if the first servers came to existence and many zones were only empty without a NPCs whatsoever, Levelcap back was 37 and everything was spawned by Hand. Mobs didnt have spells (most dinosaurs had a spell with another ID), bosses didnt have scripts, hell even instances came afterwards.

It had been an active little servers with a few dedicated programmers and their database formerly was even stolen and spread on the internet because it was more advanced than most others. I met quite a few of the Developers and was very active and basically, whatever information we can find, we can fill a bugreport and things got repaired. This lead into the host using a massive database ontop of the standard Mangos database.

Inside my conciousness, there was quite a bit of theorycrafting back as others pointed out: Elitist Jerks, Shadowpanther,northdale gold wow, shadowpriest forums, even for us “buffed” were valuable sources of advice, I think a lot about armor was known, since there were managers that were wild critters thqat hunters could scrutinize. This revealed the amount of armor and after that it was just an issue of comparision.

There were criteria for magic immunity made on official servers aswell (X per degree decreased the damage to a minimum of 1-2%, bevor that, it scaled lineary, at 50% you get on average 50 percent of the harm, but split up into the possible results 0, 25,50,75, 100%). A lot of your points however are adjustments which were made on private servers which illegal exploitation. A huge problem back then was spawns. North of Menethil there were murlocs that needed a chest in almost all camps which spawned every 5 minutes to the servers and it was good for farming your mounts.

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