Animal Crossing New Horizons: Nintendo hides these secrets in the game

Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells Popular YouTube channel Shesez recently created an episode Boundary Break about the new Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch. In the video you can discover many secrets and marvel at funny tricks.

Many games use camera tricks and glitches to discover things that you would normally not see. The YouTube channel Shesez specializes in this type of borderline experience and regularly shows its viewers secrets from a wide variety of games. He makes use of loopholes in the program code of the games and gets behind the facade of many titles in his Boundary Break series. The inventor of the series “Shesez” has now buttoned Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch and shows in his latest video all discoveries around the island and actually inaccessible areas.

At the beginning of the video however the YouTuber is still quite dissatisfied with his discoveries since he is not yet able to move the camera freely on the Nintendo Switch but can only move through all the buildings and objects in the game. Shesez expects to show his viewers a video with free camera movement in the near future. In the video Shesez first shows the island of Harv at Animal Crossing: New Horizons a resident of a remote island.

Usually you cannot move around freely at all but only sneak a few meters around your house. Fences and raised platforms prevent the player from further exploring the island. But thanks to the free movement settings the YouTuber can go anywhere on the island. It quickly becomes apparent that the island has not been fully programmed and you can only see a few trees around the house. After that only the bottom can be seen on the island. Large stones can be seen on the sea which are usually covered by water on the Nintendo Switch.

In the video Shesez also plays with a friend and checks whether the game on his island behaves the same way. There they notice that the friend on the island does not have a moth hanging on the wall in the museum cheap Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells but a millipede. The two also use a trick to make Shesez hover in the air and allow the YouTuber to look down at his friend from above. Behind the facade of Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch there is so much more than is initially noticeable.

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