Archeage Unchained:some of coin purses

There are in total 11 sorts of coin purses, but the foremost high-leveled easily dropped purses are:
– Jester’s Coin Purse (lvl 40 to lvl 50 mobs) – requires 5 labor points;
– Prince’s Coin Purse (lvl 50 to lvl 55 mobs) – requires 10 labor points;
– Queen’s Coin Purse (lvl 51 to lvl 55 mobs) – requires 20 labor points;
– Ancestor’s Coin Purse (lvl 55+ mobs) – requires 25 labor points.

This method requires some grinding, especially if you’re going for the Ancestor’s Coin Purse, but it’s definitely doable. And always remember: the upper the labor cost, the extra money you’ll get from each coin purse. But don’t go all crazy and hit a lvl 55 mob once you are just lvl 30. You’ll get killed and obtain no closer thereto Ancestor coin purse you were thirsting after.

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