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Sublimation Paper Wholesale Processing Requirements

Among the roll sublimation paper various factors that can affect the production of products, the melt temperature and mold temperature have an impact on the actual shrinkage. Therefore, when designing the precision injection mold cavity, in order to facilitate the determination of the molding conditions, attention must be paid to the shape Arrangement of cavities. Molten plastic brings heat into t... »

Tacky Sublimation Paper Is Commonly Used

Do you want to achieve multi-color design without laying vinyl or investing in expensive wide-format printers? roll sublimation paper provides an inexpensive way to print your own customized full-color transfer paper. What is roll sublimation paper? Roll sublimation paper is actually paper, not vinyl! You only need a small desktop printer, like many laser or inkjet printers in home offices. Common... »

A Large Number Of Sublimation Paper Wholesale

Although many roll sublimation paper are now produced by CNC machines, some still need to manually hot stamp the material on the substrate during the heat transfer process. During the heat transfer process, due to moisture, temperature, and weather, problems may occur during the heat transfer process. Don’t panic, these heat transfer products are not the problem? So the problem is coming, th... »

Pay Attention To The Printing Of Roll Sublimation Paper

The glue quality of roll sublimation paper   Rubber grade: mainly synthetic rubber as the main raw material, suitable for thermal transfer and thermal transfer screen printing production process. It has excellent fastness to knitted fabrics, TC, cotton and various other fabrics.   Polyurethane grade: Polyurethane is the main material, mainly used in the screen printing production process... »