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Dth Hammer Operating Procedures

Safety precautions in the use of DTH Hammer 1. When the DTH Hammer is parked or before firing, all switches should be in the “0” position and the power supply should be cut off. 2. Before the DTH Hammer starts work, the driver and the driver should contact the driver before supplying power. 3. When working at night, adequate lighting should be ensured around DTH Hammer. 4. When DTH Ham... »

Introduction To Drilling Tools Manufacturer Drill Pipe Failure

After years of production practice, Kaiqiu Drilling Tools Manufacturer believes that the main failure modes of drill pipe joint threads are as follows. 1) Velcro and buckle: Occurs when there is a high axial pressure, the external thread is forced into the internal thread, causing the internal thread to expand or buckle and cause the connection to fail; the tightening torque is too high or the dow... »

Drilling Tools Manufacturer Have Stable Equipment

Drill tool blades are the most important cutting blades today. They have excellent performance and are widely used. However, now that material resources are abundant, various types of blades emerge in an endless stream. Cubic boron nitride blades are one of them. Both the blades and cubic boron nitride blades are approved Manufactured by powder metallurgy, all have high hardness, high wear resista... »

Introduction Of Water Well Drilling Tools Application

The use of Water Well Drilling Tools is very wide, and it is this type of drilling tool that is most commonly used in underground drilling and geological drilling in the oil industry. The reason why it is used in such a wide range is inseparable from its role in drilling. Let’s take a look at some advantages it has played in the process of use, in order to facilitate better application in wo... »