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Precautions For Using Seed Planter

One is to conduct a safety inspection. Level the four feet of the Corn Thresher to ensure that the equipment is stable and firm, and reduce shock. At the same time, according to the imitation order, check whether the rolling and swing parts are flexible and free of collision, check whether the adjustment mechanism is normal and whether the safety measures are complete and effective to ensure that ... »

Maintenance Of Planting Machine

How to maintain the Vegetable Planter, let the editor of the Vegetable Planter manufacturer introduce to you. Lubricate the bearing of the main shaft (through the suction hole on the copper eccentric wheel) and the hinged joint on the top of the piston every 50 hours of operation. Manually press down the nozzle tube, lift the piston from the cylinder and apply a little lubricating oil on the pisto... »

Influencing Factors Of Using Effect Of Corn Sheller

The Seed Plantershould be level and stable. If the machine is not placed smoothly, it will increase the vibration amplitude of the machine, which will affect the threshing effect of the corn thresher. Secondly, it will loosen the parts of the corn thresher and naturally affect the threshing effect. The water content of threshing corn should not be too large. Anyone who has used a corn thresher kno... »

How The Seeding Machine Works

The fuel injection quantity of the Rice Planting Machine  engine controls the fuel injector according to the output control signal through the strategy of sensors and switch signals. The reasons for the high fuel consumption are the presence of sensor or switch signal errors, excessive fuel pressure or blocked injectors, blocked ignition system, blocked mechanical parts of the engine, etc. Is rice... »

Specific Use Of Wheat Seed Planter

The wheat planter is an important tool in the implementation of protective tillage mechanization technology. It can complete multiple procedures such as stubble stubble, ditching, fertilization, seeding, soil covering, and suppression at one time, reducing the crushing damage of the machine to the soil, saving labor. Save time, save fertilizer and oil, increase production and income, and protect t... »

How To Repair The Seed Planter

After the harvesting work, familiar with the technical status of the Corn Sheller, which parts should be replaced, which gaps should be adjusted, which bolts should be tightened, and which parts should be lubricated. At this time, maintenance, targeted, can effectively avoid failures Missing inspection and repair, saving time and effort. 2. Timely maintenance, can effectively use the harvesterR... »

The Intelligent Development Direction Of Corn Thresher

The design of the Corn Thresher due to the depression of the national economy has led to the development of the corn peeling machine. Due to the limited processing equipment and development capabilities, the development of the corn peeling machine has certain limitations, but with the industry With the improvement of the level, the development of corn peeling machines is becoming more and more adv... »

How To Improve The Working Effect Of The Seed Planter

In some planters, the two bearings of the ground wheel are interference fit in the two holes of the fork frame and adopt a through shaft type. The disadvantage is that when the ground wheel fails, the bearing must be hit with a hammer, which is inconvenient for disassembly and assembly and affects the life of the bearing. After changing to the clamp type, it is much more convenient to replace the ... »

Maintenance Of Modern Planting Machiner

Now in this fast era of modernization development, it is often unable to keep up with the pace of the times. Nowadays, the modernized production of agriculture is the most effective example of modernization development. From the advanced design and advanced ideas on the planting machine, the modern development changes are reflected. Incisively. Everyone knows the role of theVegetable Planter iron ... »

Planting Machine Replaces Labor

In terms of agricultural production, it has become more and more modern, and many aspects have deviated from the traditional manual operation, but advanced machines are used as the main tools. The use of vegetable planting machines has brought great convenience to agricultural sowing, while also greatly improving efficiency. For some large-scale planting companies, the use of the machine is even m... »

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