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Structure And Function Of Manual Corn Seeder

The structure function of Manual Corn Seeder and the invention of transplanting machine greatly save farmers’ time and improve farming efficiency. Now let’s talk about the use of medicinal material transplanting machine. Transplanting machine is divided into: feeder, seedling guide tube, seedling support device, opener, soil compressor and other working parts. Each part has its functio... »

Knapsack Fertilizer Machine Has High Work Efficiency

In order to ensure the smooth use of the fully automatic corn sheller and ensure safe use, the following five points should be kept in mind when using the fully automatic self-propelled Corn Sheller: level the four feet of the equipment to ensure stability and firmness. In order to reduce vibration; if the motor of the automatic self-propelled corn thresher is used as the power, be sure to check w... »

Knapsack Fertilizer Machine Is Economical And Practical

What are the characteristics of Knapsack Fertilizer Machine? Knapsack Fertilizer Machine is divided into medium, large and small. The functions of the small livestock management machine are as follows. One of the characteristics is economy, efficiency and practicality. The second feature is small size, light weight, flexible operation, safe and convenient. Especially suitable for use in greenhouse... »

Improve The Work Efficiency Of Corn Sheller

The small Corn Sheller is mainly composed of rod cutting device, conveying device, hydraulic lifter, etc. It is a kind of agricultural machinery aimed at developing new energy sources and reducing the labor intensity of farmers. It can help farmers complete the work of harvesting corn stalks. Now let’s talk about the ways to improve the efficiency of the small Corn Sheller? How to improve th... »

Corn Sheller Ushered In New Development

With the new year and new weather, Corn Sheller ushered in a brand new year 2021. We can’t help but sigh, unknowingly, we have been with us in agriculture for more than 20 years. Isn’t this something we are happy about? So, since it is new, what are the new aspects and improvements that the ditch tiller has ushered in? Let us walk into the latest ditch tiller. But we should also unders... »

Knapsack Fertilizer Machine Should Be Checked Frequently

The key step to ensure the quality of Corn Sheller is to maintain and inspect it frequently. Only by observing and paying attention can the existing problems be discovered and solved in time. Follow the editor to learn: 1. The newly installed wheel tyres are prone to loosening and must be checked frequently. 2. Pay attention to whether all parts of the machine work normally. 3. Pay attention to ch... »

How Does Manual Corn Seeder Have Better Results?

Large Corn Sheller, including locomotive, threshing device installed on the locomotive frame, screw conveying device connected to the inlet of the threshing device, a telescopic mechanism is installed between the screw conveying device and the frame, and the feeding port of the screw conveying device is installed Collecting device, the discharge port of the threshing device is equipped with a mete... »

Knapsack Fertilizer Machine Shortens The Life Of The Error

Sometimes I hear some users complain about the short service life of Corn Sheller. In fact, I don’t know if you have serious thinking about why Knapsack Fertilizer Machine has not reached the service life stated by the merchants. One of the very important factors is improper operation and daily routine. Inadequate maintenance work is related. So, what kind of wrong operations have caused the life ... »

Precautions For Using Corn Thresher

If the equipment is not paid attention to when parking, it will not only affect the efficiency of the equipment but also affect the service life of the product. Let’s talk about the serious consequences of improper parking of the Seed Planter: 1. Parked in the open air, wind, rain, snow, frost and freezing, long time will cause paint peeling, rust spots, and mechanical parts freezing, which ... »

Introduction To The Use Of Corn Thresher

Has designed a full Corn Thresher that is safe and convenient to use, and can be efficiently produced in an assembly line. Corn Thresher uses the axial extrusion of the push rod to the corn and the tangential force generated by the cutter rolling on the corn to quickly thresh the corn, with a simple structure and high efficiency. Corn Thresher makes small and medium-sized corn farmers and small an... »