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Introduction To The Use Of Corn Thresher

Has designed a full Corn Thresher that is safe and convenient to use, and can be efficiently produced in an assembly line. Corn Thresher uses the axial extrusion of the push rod to the corn and the tangential force generated by the cutter rolling on the corn to quickly thresh the corn, with a simple structure and high efficiency. Corn Thresher makes small and medium-sized corn farmers and small an... »

Cleaning Up Seed Planter

Remove the V-belt of Seed Planter, clean up the oil pollution, mud, etc., and store it separately without contact with corrosive substances such as acid and alkali; Turn on the Corn Thresher inspection layer by layer. The mechanical equipment is composed of parts and equipment, and each is responsible. At this time, all external protective covers should be opened to remove the residual dirt and du... »

Corn Thresher Is Essential

If you have a large garden, you can use two vegetable Seed Planter to simplify planting and help save a lot of seeds: thorn planter and walk-behind seed planter. Corn Thresher is a precision device that can arrange each seed in a row along a given pitch. When moving along the row, the machine opens the soil to a given depth, drops the seeds and covers it. The machine presses the soil into the seed... »

Introduction To Corn Thresher Application

During the transportation of Seed Planter, it is necessary to upgrade the header and the straw returning device to the transportation state, and pay attention to the width of the road and the condition of the road surface. When the tractor starts, engages power, turns, and reverses, honking the horn first, observe the front, rear, left, and right conditions of the unit, and remind redundant staff ... »

Introduction To Seed Planter

The structure of the automatic Corn Thresher: Corn Thresher is mainly composed of rollers, concave plates, screens, fans, feeding hoppers, seed slides, spiral guide rods, etc. It adopts an axial flow threshing device that feeds the cob at the end of the shaft tangentially. The process flow: the ears of corn enter the drum through the feeding hopper and are threshed under the impact of the high-spe... »

What Are The Problems In The Seed Planter Industry

At present, there are still many problems in the research and application of China’s Seed Planter that need to be resolved: agricultural machinery research is out of touch with China’s agricultural production needs, and cannot meet the real needs of domestic agricultural production; there is no relevant research system of its own, and a large number of plagiarism and imitating foreign ... »

Corn Sheller Promotes The Development Of Mechanization

Seed Plantersaves labor, labor, and has high mechanized production efficiency. Seed Planter adopts precision seeding, one-time seedling formation, and a series of operations from substrate mixing, tray loading to seeding and covering are realized automatically. Miaoling is 10-20 days shorter than conventional seedlings, which improves labor efficiency, reduces labor intensity and reduces workload.... »

Correct Use Of Corn Sheller

In addition to following certain operating guidelines, the correct use of Corn Sheller must also keep in mind the misunderstandings of not entering into use. The following are four major misunderstandings used by Corn Sheller for reference. 1. Poor repair After Corn Sheller is used up, it should be checked and repaired immediately, and kept in a safe place, so that it can be used again next time o... »

How To Choose Seed Planter

Cotton is an important economic crop in our country. Statistics show that my country is the largest cotton producer and consumer. my country’s cotton area accounts for 3% of the planting industry, with an output value of 10%. In 2012, my country’s cotton textile exports reached 262.5 billion US dollars. The three main technologies of cotton planting are high density, drip irrigation an... »

How To Operate Knapsack Fertilizer Machine

Knapsack Fertilizer Machine makes people say goodbye to the era of manual harvesting of seeds. It not only improves production efficiency, but also harvests more clean seeds. Although everyone knows how Knapsack Fertilizer Machine works, do you know how it operates? Let me tell you below. The Knapsack Fertilizer Machine is fixed on the rear suspension of the tractor via a suspension frame. The gea... »