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FIFA 21 Pro Clubs is getting the game mode’s first major update

Ahead of the release of FIFA 21, EA have today confirmed that there will be updates coming to one of the most-loved game modes within the FIFA gaming franchise, with the Pro Clubs game mode set to get some new features in FIFA 21. But now Pro Clubs fans will have some new features to look forward to, with AI Player Customisation, a tactics overhaul and more. Here are the latest updates to the Pro ... »

NHL 21 will stick to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this holiday

NHL 21, the next game in Electronic Arts’ long-running hockey simulator, will only premiere on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, not next-gen systems. When it comes to EA’s sports franchises, the NHL is not always the one that comes to mind. Much like the competition that inspires it, the NHL series often takes a backseat to games based on Football, Soccer and other, more popular sports. Whi... »

NBA 2K21 on the PS5 and Xbox Series X Will Cost $70

Video game developer Take-Two Interactive recently announced that NBA 2K21 for the Sony PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Xbox Series X will come with a suggested retail price of $69.99 USD. The pre-order release information reveals a $10 USD price jump from the standard $59.99 USD for most AAA games. The price increase isn’t out of the blue: as games become more and more complex and detailed, it become... »

A brand new esports tournament coming to Call of Duty: Mobile with $1 million in prizes

Activision has announced that Call of Duty: Mobile will host Esports tournament with more than $ 1 million USD in cash prizes. Players from the title phones Veteran or higher rank in multiplayer mode will be able to participate in an open online qualifiers, scheduled for April 30 to 24 May. Players who earn at least 80 points in the first 10 games they rank each weekend will be able to progress to... »

WoW Classic launched to immense popularity

World of Warcraft Classic has been plagued with some controversy since launch over an exploit known as ‘layer switching’, and Blizzard has now issued an official statement on the matter, declaring that it’s a much smaller issue than some folks are making out – although countermeasures against it are incoming. The exploit involves Blizzard’s decision to split World of Warcraft Classic into layers, ... »