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Less compared to high alch worth of said item

I truly don’t know the point of this conversation. I never said demand and supply don’t exist in other games, or other games do not have a player run economy. The point I was attempting to make is that I like RS’s execution of the GE and the rs economy. It’s clicked more than matches to buy OSRS gold, and it happened to be. That’s it. So that I do not understand why y... »

505 Games community director Jason Ryan

You are able to get input lag that is 150ms in shooters. It stinks, though. Along with the Shift variant is the most powerful way to play Bloodstained.I would either get the match someplace else or hold off buying the Switch version until programmers tackle the lag with ESOM Gold. Publisher 505 Games says that the staff is currently working to improve the performance on the hardware of Nintendo of... »

A bit of the fanbase is a formula for change

People play with with it and adore MyTeam. I am not here to opine about how MyTeam should get rid of all microtransactions. That might be like walking into a crowded shoe shop with people standing in line to by $400 Jordans and insisting MJ dramatically lower the prices of his sneakers, or better yet, make them free. It’s just not realistic with cheap nba 2k20 mt. This is a business and the ... »

2-3mhr ima handfull of months

Having the knwoledge things to do questing wise and lvl up efficently youd need to know runescape bit of skill but not much. The hell kill dragons to get 400khr when u might perform vorkath to get 2-3mhr ima handfull of months if you train your accounts to be an enormous tank with high magic to buy OSRS gold. Im 95 range, 99 magical, 85 def, I kill vorkath fairly easily but cant on cellular and do... »

New Madden sooner instead of later

While many are eager for the new Madden sooner instead of later, it’s easy to feel as though this match has been rushed with cheap MUT 20 Coins.It’s truly difficult to say exactly what Madden 20’s heritage will be till the retail version comes out. The much-anticipated Face of the Franchise: QB1 mode was not included in the beta, which would’ve probably helped the cause a l... »