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OSRS are the primary driver of profits

I would love to actually give it an opportunity or create an Ironman accounts for it, but I’d have to play with Ironman and lose all my loyalty points out of OSRS gold membership that is like essential for mid-end game content with the p2w stuff. The game is not broken. It has a couple of problems, but overall it’s a fantastic game. I guess we can stop bots more. Maybe impose trade lim... »

Surprised if they made this mt nba 2k21

That I wouldnt be surprised if they made this mt nba 2k21 upcoming years city irl. I think they see several other teams recycling the design but shifting colors (Miamis actually extending the vice thing and’m not whining lol). Idk but anything is better that last seasons baby blue with all the giant emblem on front. Our initial two city flag ones were firing however. I like it, I get the sty... »

GDKP runs and mywowgold wow classic gold

Not mention 50gph is your baseline of gold wow classic several classes farm. They are raw gold farm which the gold players get come from vendoring drop, so it’s separate from the market. Good things is that there are several good things in fall that every classes (can be except hunter) want. If those big ticket things are so cheap why do you believe folks won’t wish to buy get them for... »

The objective of the nba 2k21 mt coins

I love this comment. The objective of the nba 2k21 mt coins league is to earn a league which feels more authentic. The problem that the 2kleague has is that even though they have the best players in the world, they can not get ratings because that type of play just isn’t that fun to watch. What is up man? I actually run a personal league and are on the verge of starting our 17th season, dati... »

But in case you are just nba 2k21 mt

But in case you are just nba 2k21 mt gonna use this jersey independently, and not show it to the general public, DM me, I will send you the download link today. :-RRB- I am frankly not a fan about the first design, but it seems really good in red. This has more of the Chicago theater look they were going for, at least in my opinion. I feel these are extremely dope, people saying it is too like Cle... »

I strove to Madden nfl 21 coins have the power

Defense has just taken a significant step back out of man policy. Zones play soft, the d-line has no push against the run, and pass rush isn’t very noticeable. To make matters worse they’ve removed some of their match coverage logic, never acknowledged it in almost any patch notesand have not spoken about why they did it when they play to repair their mistake. Better than 19 or 20. Not... »

Great deal of horde is classic wow gold

Yeah I went there and a great deal of horde is classic wow gold trying to kill ppl arriving via flight route, it’s somewhat back and forth however, horde gets the numbers (should be mad after a week of us guarding the purple tent). . Who cares perhaps you will die a few times before you get attunement, or buy it at any time over the next few weeks. This is far easier than having to visit LHC... »

Why people have the Madden 21 coins

I really don’t get why people have the Madden 21 coins urge to gatekeep a lot around here. I feel a good deal of it’s regret. At least that’s how I feel. There’s a solid portion of players now that microtransactions and lootboxes are all they’ve ever known, but didn’t use to be the situation. I regret my participation in helping to disperse those features in gam... »

But do not get nba 2k21 mt

Don’t believe the hype, but do not get nba 2k21 mt overly excited. It is all advertising, and 2K likes to give hope. Wait ahead of anything else for gameplay. YouTubers and 2K always liven up the new 2K since the”best-ever” then state it’s crap months after. What they can do otherwise today will be allow people to simply carry over NBA 2K21 totally free of cost, so if you&#... »

Wow classic gold among the worst farms

I chief a warrior and sometimes only farm felcloth for hours at Aszhara.This strikes accurate, he pvp’d a little, farms lashers which is wow classic gold among the worst farms and isn’t revered with AD yet. Honestly I only spammed AV for the rep things. Didn’t really like it as alliance since we have farmed all the time:D Ressing on horde and with PI and spamming nova was fun how... »