Author: zzwowbest1

These professions can help to speed up your leveling

In most cases, players choose a profession based primarily on their primary goal. In WoW Classic, farming gold is a very difficult task, and when you reach level 40 and level 60, you need to spend a lot of gold to buy a mount, the right profession can help you get enough gold as soon as possible. If your biggest dream is to get to level 60 as soon as possible and participate in challenging team ra... »

Whether WoW Classic is fun or not can arouse player interest

Most people have the experience that when they were young, they had unique hobbies or habits, but these habits were eventually abandoned as they grew older. WoW Classic may eventually become this way. Although many players have expressed their expectations and subscribed to World of Warcraft for this, most of them will eventually return to modern WoW. Because WoW Classic does require more polish, ... »