Introduction To The Use Of Corn Thresher

Has designed a full Corn Thresher that is safe and convenient to use, and can be efficiently produced in an assembly line. Corn Thresher uses the axial extrusion of the push rod to the corn and the tangential force generated by the cutter rolling on the corn to quickly thresh the corn, with a simple structure and high efficiency. Corn Thresher makes small and medium-sized corn farmers and small an... »

Frequently asked questions by movers and packers

Relocation is hard especially when you are planning to do it internationally. An international move is associated with numerous tasks and responsibilities which is obviously not possible for a person to handle alone. Along with this, there are a lot of questions that generate in a human mind and he constantly searches for the best possible answers. However, to get the answers to every query and to... »

Cleaning Up Seed Planter

Remove the V-belt of Seed Planter, clean up the oil pollution, mud, etc., and store it separately without contact with corrosive substances such as acid and alkali; Turn on the Corn Thresher inspection layer by layer. The mechanical equipment is composed of parts and equipment, and each is responsible. At this time, all external protective covers should be opened to remove the residual dirt and du... »

Tips to relocate during COVID-19

This article is worth starting with the statutory warning: Wash your hands and avoid touching your face! It applies to all the activities you are either doing or planning to do. Moving is amongst those activities that need precautionary measures too. If you need to move during the coronavirus pandemic, you can simply opt for Agarwal Packers as they are taking extra precautions to sure maximum safe... »

Wide Application Of Bolt Factory

Stainless steel China Nut‘s selection requirements are that the main material is stainless steel, which is not easy to rust. In fact, stainless steel is a part of stainless steel, which has both acid resistance and corrosion resistance. The rust and corrosion resistance of stainless steel is caused by the formation of a chromium-rich oxide film (passivation film) on the surface of the stainl... »

Led Street Light Factory Color Temperature Setting

For the main road and branch road, how much color temperature is used for explosion-proof? Low color temperature street lights make people feel natural and familiar, but the same wattage lumens are not as good as high color temperature. High color temperature can increase pedestrian concentration and cause driver visual fatigue. Therefore, the lighting effect needs to be measured by multiple indic... »

Bearings Of Gasoline Log Splitter

As an important part of Lumberjack Log Splitter, the bearing is related to the normal operation of the equipment, and whether it is installed correctly is related to the service life of the bearing The bearing should be installed as far as possible in a dry, dust-free area and far away from equipment that generates metal chips and dust. When it must be installed in a complex environment, pollution... »

Know Different Caffeine Contents Between Coffee And Green Tea Factory

The gist: Coffee generally has more caffeine than Green Tea Factory, but certain factors can affect this, and in some cases, it can be the other way around. Different factors, both within and outside the control of the drinker (e.g. brewing method and time vs tea variety/coffee species) affect the caffeine levels in the final brew.   The effects of caffeine can be felt faster in coffee since ... »

Corn Thresher Is Essential

If you have a large garden, you can use two vegetable Seed Planter to simplify planting and help save a lot of seeds: thorn planter and walk-behind seed planter. Corn Thresher is a precision device that can arrange each seed in a row along a given pitch. When moving along the row, the machine opens the soil to a given depth, drops the seeds and covers it. The machine presses the soil into the seed... »

The Scope Of Application Of China Stud Supplier

Non-standard screws are also one of the fasteners we often use. Do you know the main functions of non-standard screws? Today weigao China Stud Supplier will explain to you the role of non-standard screws. Non-standard screws are the most frequently used type of stainless steel standard parts. The main function is to cooperate with nuts. They can be used for the connection and fixing of some thinne... »