Introduction To The Characteristics Of 100w Outdoor Slim Led Floodlight

Features of 100w outdoor slim led floodlight: Long service life. The normal service life is 5-10 years. Using a suitable positive-negative alloy formula and active material ratio, the battery is more suitable for the characteristics of battery cycle charging and discharging. The design of the colloidal electrolyte can effectively inhibit the rust of the active material and the sulfate of the board... »

Dth Hammer Operating Procedures

Safety precautions in the use of DTH Hammer 1. When the DTH Hammer is parked or before firing, all switches should be in the “0” position and the power supply should be cut off. 2. Before the DTH Hammer starts work, the driver and the driver should contact the driver before supplying power. 3. When working at night, adequate lighting should be ensured around DTH Hammer. 4. When DTH Ham... »

Precautions For Using Seed Planter

One is to conduct a safety inspection. Level the four feet of the Corn Thresher to ensure that the equipment is stable and firm, and reduce shock. At the same time, according to the imitation order, check whether the rolling and swing parts are flexible and free of collision, check whether the adjustment mechanism is normal and whether the safety measures are complete and effective to ensure that ... »

Xiangrui Led Street Light Factory Is Safe And Environmentally Friendly

Most of the street lights that appear in our lives are 100w outdoor slim led floodlight, because 100w outdoor slim led floodlight is different from traditional ordinary street lights, 100w outdoor slim led floodlight is more energy-saving and convenient and different from ordinary street lights, 100w outdoor slim led floodlight The service life is also longer, and the most important thing is that ... »

Introduction To Drilling Tools Manufacturer Drill Pipe Failure

After years of production practice, Kaiqiu Drilling Tools Manufacturer believes that the main failure modes of drill pipe joint threads are as follows. 1) Velcro and buckle: Occurs when there is a high axial pressure, the external thread is forced into the internal thread, causing the internal thread to expand or buckle and cause the connection to fail; the tightening torque is too high or the dow... »

Celebrity lace wigs are highly sought

I am sure your employer would not be happy to learn you are spending working hours on the telephone handling personal affairs. Moreover, think about the whispering you will have to do while talking to these lace wig sellers with limited support hours at work. Some of us would not want our coworkers knowing we wear a wig.Celebrity lace wigs are highly sought since they are known to be worn by many ... »

Maintenance Of Planting Machine

How to maintain the Vegetable Planter, let the editor of the Vegetable Planter manufacturer introduce to you. Lubricate the bearing of the main shaft (through the suction hole on the copper eccentric wheel) and the hinged joint on the top of the piston every 50 hours of operation. Manually press down the nozzle tube, lift the piston from the cylinder and apply a little lubricating oil on the pisto... »

2020 Retro Air Jordan 9 UNC Midnight Navy 302370-145

Buy The Sneaker, The Air Jordan 9 “UNC” is a 2019 retro of the classic ninth Michael Jordan signature shoe in a color scheme paying tribute to his college career at the University of North Carolina. Specifically, the design replicates an Air Jordan 9 Low from 2002, with the shoe sporting a white leather upper that’s complemented by Midnight Navy overlays in patent leather. Pops o... »

Drilling Tools Manufacturer Have Stable Equipment

Drill tool blades are the most important cutting blades today. They have excellent performance and are widely used. However, now that material resources are abundant, various types of blades emerge in an endless stream. Cubic boron nitride blades are one of them. Both the blades and cubic boron nitride blades are approved Manufactured by powder metallurgy, all have high hardness, high wear resista... »

Influencing Factors Of Using Effect Of Corn Sheller

The Seed Plantershould be level and stable. If the machine is not placed smoothly, it will increase the vibration amplitude of the machine, which will affect the threshing effect of the corn thresher. Secondly, it will loosen the parts of the corn thresher and naturally affect the threshing effect. The water content of threshing corn should not be too large. Anyone who has used a corn thresher kno... »