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wow classic gold: Blizzard provides details and dates about new articles that is free

Blizzard announces an upgrade to the new content for WoW Classic. As the developers say in a post about the internet role-playing game, the level 50 class quests, fresh reputation benefits and the eternal quintessence will probably be available in wow classic gold Classic in February 13th. The Darkmoon Fair starts. The Quest Blackhands order is available today. From the article we summarize the content plan’s specifics.

Blizzard presents fresh details concerning the upcoming content plan for WoW Classic. At a entry in the forum to the internet role-playing sport, the developers go into details concerning the content that is complimentary that is upcoming. On February 13th, Stage 3 will be launched across all types. Then, for example, the Raid Blackwing Lair begins. In the capitals you should pay a visit on the mentioned date. Since there you are going to get a pursuit for your class, with which you are able to unlock one of three items that are rare.

New standing rewards also come into cheap classic wow gold play with phase 3 of this content strategy at wow classic gold Classic (buy today for $14.99). For instance, rewards are offered by factions such as Thorium Brotherhood, Argent Dawn, and Maw Hold. In addition: People who have completed the enemy quest’s hands can pick up the Eternal Quintessence from Hydraxis.

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