Continue to utilize this feature in MapleStory M

So I thank you, Wizet and Nexon, for creating a match that gave me Maplestory M Mesos something grand to be a part of and touched my heart. Have the greatest Anniversary an MMORPG has ever been known, for the interest.

Why? Your nearest and dearest do because when attempting to see whether the boss being attacked by the celebration has Damage Reflection, you’re left wondering what is happening with the harm numbers. Was enough as if trying to see beyond your personal damage amounts.

My proposal is this:Similarily to Root Abyss and other places, where you don’t find the damage amounts of different folks, eliminate the harm numbers from all of the bosses around the Boss List.This isn’t specific to a thing in the Maplestory 2 Mesos store or necessarily the numbers or price of those items, but more about the ideology Nexon is moving towards based on statements I have been studying from Nexon regarding this occasion and what management events similar to this may be led in the future.

I’m the leader of a guild that’s existed for 4 years and half years on buy MaplestoryM Mesos and at that time the match has obviously changed and morphed a number of times, some things have improved and some things have not but those are a matter of opinion and not the point I am attempting to make.

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