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During this time Maple M Mesos for 3 months I was out on vacation in the end of September, surfing the web on a VPN, not considering Google or Discord while I was in China. I might have missed the rising hype about MapleStory 2 as old lovers decided to pick the game up. My obsessions while at China were the purchasing program Taobao and the food shipping app Meituan, which makes you midnight snacks for a 2-3 RMB service charge ($0.29 to $0.44). Little did I know that my whole Discord horde was busy purchasing founders’ packs which grant you extra boosts, designing their small Lego-like houses, buying cute clothing, and updating weapons in MapleStory 2.

But once I landed in New York again, I found that my friends had their real names. Short, crisp titles that contain references to anime, Twitch flows, and company values. (The last one was my boyfriend, who purchased his founder’s accounts off the black market after he returned from China, fought to find a username, and settled on using his company’s worth of liability. By taking a look at his jury duty summons he received his other username. Yeah, I understand.)

Getting my accounts up to rate became of paramount significance. So I started training and leveling my personality — a priest — to degree 50, simply to be irked with her damage that was inadequate. I started over and set my sights on another character, a course that was more powerful. I debated whether I need to play an assassin, a wizard, or a weird hybrid of the two: a rune blader. I randomly went with the magician and got stuck picking a username. This can be when the delight of enjoying MapleStory 2 suddenly revealed itself.

I’ve already tested MapleStory 2. I know exactly what Maple story M Mesos this game is and exactly what happens once you get to the end — you are lonely and tired, and there is nothing left to do but to explore the entire world. But exactly what exactly the beta version was lacking — the huge MapleStory community of children and teens currently grown up as school students and young professionals — meant that I was simply playing a shell of a game.


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