Escape from Tarkov Patch Notes

Battlestate Games released a replacement update for shake Tarkov on Annunciation , 2020. Strength and Endurance skills of these players who were ready to level it up to high levels or to max level are reset. Here may be a full list of shake Tarkov’s update version to le you recognize everything about the update.

Full List of shake Tarkov Patch Notes
Fixed various exploits for leveling skills
Fixed invisible obstacles on Shoreline
Fixed a bug when a message about the unavailability of products would be shown above the list of offers on the marketplace
Fixed elevator extraction on Lab
Fixed a bug which allowed to use parts of an equipped weapon for production within the hideout
Fixed a bug which wouldn’t let the character run albeit there’s available stamina for it
Fixed a bug which caused Error 228 when folding stock on the message screen
Fixed sound overlapping and altered siren sounds on Interchange
Weapon modding interface now has no limits on 21;9 screen format
Some pop-ups now appear within the middle of the screen
Strength skill now gives a further bonus for sprint
Fixed a bug which wouldn’t allow a player to fold a stock of a gun when he had melee weapon in his hands

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