For alliance I would choose Paladin if it wow classic go

Fantastic guide as consistently MadSeason, though I’m still undecided, it is such a difficult decision because the first course I choose I will likely be stuck with for a while to have the ability to keep up with friends. For alliance I would choose Paladin if it wow classic gold were not for the fact that you are pretty much jump to healing in both PvP and PvE if you don’t want to be a meme, as far as I understand. For horde Shaman seems pretty great though since you’re at least a good DPS in PvP, although being healer in PvE.

I also kinda want a warlock and, even if alliance, a dwarf hunter with a gun. My very first character may be a warrior though because I will have the ability to receive help with leveling out of friends, and considering leveling as warrior is a struggle that seems like a wise choice for me personally. And also a shaman as a side character if horde, or dwarf hunter or warlock if alliance. Still not sure though, do not even understand what faction my friends will pick however. Also, a little request, perhaps you can make a movie for some thing like a PvP class picking guide? Maybe that may further help some perplexed souls like me??

Just discovered your videos recently and as somebody who had the chance to buy wow classic gold play during vanilla and mostly throughout BC and WoTLK, I am very excited to revisit these memories and likely will go back into Warcraft for WoW Classic. Though I have played WoW for a little while

I have never concentrated on all classes as far as I wanted to so it’s going to be interesting to try a brand new one with more effort instead of stopping mid 20s. Anyways, thank you for making these videos as they’re pretty cool, interesting and ravishing. On one hand Summer seems so far away and the wait is killing me, but on the other hand I kind of like I have more time to choose a main since I’m quite indecisive lol.

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