For anyone who is in the Mut 20 coins

Business prejudice, and false advertisements. For anyone who is in the Mut 20 coins fencing and keeps buying these games because, let us face it, it is your sole soccer choice. Just know that it feels fantastic understanding you didn’t offer this terrible ahit display of a business any of your cash. Then you get to get online and laugh with the men and women that will be pissed away in two months.

The uniforms are completely ugly. I re design all of them at no cost, anybody can create uniform designs that are better then those handles which shit for them. I remember in Madden 08 I believe you could customize your logo, select your own city, design your uniforms and team colours, as well as having the option to have Madden generate you a team according to how you wanna play, or you had the option to pick and choose any player you wanted on the group.

I truly miss being able to relocate and create MY staff from scratch. Here’s to hoping that the XFL does enough to lure a person to generate a pro football game that caters to the product’s customers! EA Sports might have a monopoly on NFL games, but they do not have one on Madden itself. I wish somebody would get into the company and make it their mission to force the NFL to cancel the license agreement by destroying Madden in sales. For lack of a better term, I’d say it’s a Longshot.

Will not be buying this buy Madden 20 coins year. It looks like they essentially made a new Longshot style but you don’t need to play since Devin Wade’s bum ass anymore. The narrative makes no sense. A five star recruit that gets displaced from the recruit in the country?

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