Frequently asked questions by movers and packers

Relocation is hard especially when you are planning to do it internationally. An international move is associated with numerous tasks and responsibilities which is obviously not possible for a person to handle alone. Along with this, there are a lot of questions that generate in a human mind and he constantly searches for the best possible answers. However, to get the answers to every query and to manage the entire move efficiently, it is advisable to hire Agarwal packers. These experts have answers to all the questions floating in their customer’s minds.

Some of these include:

1. When should I arrange a moving quotation?

It is important not to end your search for an international relocation company until you have reached the last minute. Utilize ample time to arrange the moving quotations, appoint a relocation company, and finalize all other details. It is recommended to connect with the movers at least twelve weeks before your planned moving date.

2. How is the cost computed?

The costs of sea freight and road shipments are based on the total volume of your consignment. This is calculated by multiplying the length breadth and height of the items to give the total volume in cubic feet. Your move manager will be able to accurately measure the volume of goods at the time of providing in house moving consultation and provide a quotation based on the same.

3. What does a moving quote include?

Two relocations can never b the same, it is specifically tailored for every individual based upon his distinctive needs and requirements.

Though few services are always included:

• The supply and quantity of packing materials used.

• Formation of itemized inventory.

• Collection of items from your home.

• Crating and delivery to the port.

• Preparation of all the exports and import documentation for completion of customs clearance.

• Unpacking, unloading, and clearance of all the waste material on the date of delivery, as needed.

The quotation will exclude the import duties or taxes according to the country you are moving to.

4. How much time ahead should I book?

You should confirm the dates as soon as you have made up your mind. The reason is if you delay in responding, you may not get the desired slots. Also, go for the days when movers are less busy and occupied.

5. Do they offer a worldwide relocation service?

Several moving companies outsource the moving tasks to the other local movers outside thus ask whether they have certain arrangements made to help you out with your relocation overseas.

6. What are the quality standards followed by moving companies?

A reputable moving company is ISO certified. They allow regular external audits initiated by ISO representatives to ensure that the company is maintaining quality services.

7. Do they offer transit insurance?

Though the moving companies make use of high-quality packing material along with the innovative techniques and equipment still certain contingencies are beyond human control and could adversely affect the goods during transit and to help the customers out with it, moving companies’ offers the facility of transit insurance. Make sure the company you are planning to hire offers the same.

8. Are there any items that are prohibited from getting shipped?

Every country has its restrictions, but as a general rule, certain goods are prohibited from being shipped to another country. These include:

• Alcohol

• Firearms and ammunition

• Perishable foodstuff including herbs and spices

• Hazardous items

• Unprocessed furs and skin

• Plant, bulbs, seeds

• Soil or any variety of it

• Swords, knives, and spears

Further, you can check with the moving company, they will provide you the details that might be left out.

9. Do I need to get prepared for the packing day?

Once you hire a professional, you don’t have to do anything on your own. There are certain things that you need to prepare before they arrive at your place:

• Throw away the items that you do not use anymore

• Clear out the garage and basement

• Disconnect the utilities and cancel the subscriptions, if any

• Drain washing machine and defrost the fridge

• Remove the fixtures and fittings

• Remove the frames and wall paintings

Remember to keep the items separately that you will need during a move. The items involve passports, money, valuables, suitcases, travel and other documents, etc.

10. Can I pack my fragile goods on my own?

They have a well-trained team of professionals who have immense knowledge to pack and move all variety of goods whether they are fragile, heavy, or light in nature. They are well aware of the packing techniques to be applied while packing.

11. Do they offer unpacking services?

Yes, if you have opted for the unpacking service while choosing the services then they will definitely unpack the goods after they have reached your destination.

12. Is there any option to store the goods?

To deal with certain conditions where the customers do not have adequate space to store their articles and they are looking for an adequate space to store them, moving companies provide the facility of home storage and warehouses to help them amount by charging a minimal amount. Make sure the company you are dealing with offers the same because not all the movers have this service available with them.

13. Is there any limit prescribed to store goods?

No, you can store them for shorter as well as a longer period of time.

14. Will I have to be present at the destination country for my valuables to clear customs?

Many countries do require your presence while the custom clearance process takes place but different rules apply in each country. This important information will be cleared by the Agarwal packers and movers, once you hire them for your move.

Going through these 14 questions will help you to get the answers to your basic queries while planning to relocate overseas.

Happy Moving!

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