GDKP runs and mywowgold wow classic gold

Not mention 50gph is your baseline of gold wow classic several classes farm. They are raw gold farm which the gold players get come from vendoring drop, so it’s separate from the market.

Good things is that there are several good things in fall that every classes (can be except hunter) want. If those big ticket things are so cheap why do you believe folks won’t wish to buy get them for several hours of farming?Frankly, I believe there are a lot more folks who farmed their golden legitimately then you believe.

The main items GDKP does is incentivize people to conduct raids they would never otherwise run again because they require nothing, as well as give individuals with more gold than they know what to do with an outlet for this. It is only bad if you assume all that gold is botted or purchased with real money.

They need to ban people using RMT should they purchase on the AH to it or people that get traded RMT gold. This will end the GDKP runs and mywowgold wow classic gold goldselllers will not have people to get, thus moving to another game.

It is probably more then , but yah its not a hefty investment. It is reallllly not hard, gm’s have revealed how easy it’s on personal servers. Some data they have clearly that reveals a overall gain.Blizzard absolutely does not and hasn’t ever given a about classic.

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