Gruesome methods RuneScape gold Sony and

Gruesome methods RuneScape gold Sony and From Software had a Runescape video covering the Runescape game’s weapon customization setup, as well as a few details on how the Blood currency worked in the Runescape game. While some aspects of the Runescape game seemed a little too onetrack for my tastes such as the limitations on the

weapon selection and the somewhat repetitive combat mechanics, it still appears to be one of the Runescape games that really helps the PS shine.You can pick up a digital or physical copy of Bloodborne right now on the PS. Hopefully, the loading time patch will arrive soon.Rainbow Six Siege Beta Doesn’t Actually Require PreOrder.

Ubisoft recently announced that Rainbow Six Siege beta codes would be handed out to PS and Xbox One gamers if they preordered the Runescape game. Quite naturally, this made a lot of gamers kind of pissy because no one wants to commit to buying a game just to playtest it early to see if it’s worth buying in the first place. Well,

now you don’t have to preorder to get in on the beta.Destructoid did a trust runescape money buying bit of digging and found that you don’t actually have to preorder the Runescape game to get in on the closed beta test for the PlayStation and Xbox One.Over on the Ubisoft signup page for the closed beta test there’s a short clickthrough process you have to go

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