Gift Cards This hotel credit card is unique since Gift Cards This hotel credit card is unique since it is not tied to a specific hotel chain but is instead usable for hundreds of thousands of hotels and properties around the globe. Even better the new credit card comes with a year of Silver status which can get you free breakfast free airport transfers and other perks like late checkout at select VIP properties when available.

Sell Gift Cards If 2020 has you daydreaming of ways to escape planet Earth has the ultimate intergalactic travel inspiration for you. In honor of National Aerospace Week announced its goal of becoming the first online travel site to offer future hotel bookings in space and you can visit the new booking page for some imaginative renderings of what interstellar travel might be like.

The first-ever credit card is here and it works a bit differently than what you might be used to. While most travel credit cards earn points the® Rewards Visa® Credit Card earns stamps you can redeem for reward nights.Issued by Wells Fargo this card has no annual fee offers a reward night worth $125 for spending $1,000 on purchases in the first three months and gets you access to a huge selection of properties. If you want a hotel credit card you can use almost anywhere the® Rewards Visa® Credit Card is a great choice.

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