How The Seeding Machine Works

The fuel injection quantity of the Rice Planting Machine  engine controls the fuel injector according to the output control signal through the strategy of sensors and switch signals. The reasons for the high fuel consumption are the presence of sensor or switch signal errors, excessive fuel pressure or blocked injectors, blocked ignition system, blocked mechanical parts of the engine, etc. Is rice planting oil consumption high?

Because people often use 100 kilometers of fuel consumption to evaluate fuel consumption, rather than using the specific fuel consumption of the engine to diagnose obstacles with high fuel consumption, it is necessary to decide whether the obstacle is the engine.

In general, due to insufficient power, too rich air and low coolant temperature, the engine oil consumption will be too high. High engine idle speed is also the reason for the high fuel consumption.

The air flow meter is used to directly detect the air intake of the flow type, and the air intake pressure is used to indirectly calculate the air intake of the pressure type. Therefore, whether it is a flow type or a pressure type, as long as the intake system is not sealed, it will affect the amount of fuel injection, and its impact is greater than that of the carburetor engine, so the intake system should be too delicate during maintenance.

The rice planter can be used for digging and transplanting after the plastic film is surrounded. There is no impact on the ground and no damage to the seedlings during the transplanting process. It is suitable for Seeding Machine transplanting of potted seedlings with underdeveloped root systems and easy to break, so the transplanting efficiency is high.

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