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As The Prom’s final achievement approaches, Kinnunen knows she will never absolutely leave Emma behind FeelTimes. “Her vulnerability and bluntness on date is so important,” she says. “I anticipate I can accompany that to every individual appearance I play. I anticipate that’s what bodies charge to be, added accessible and honest with ceremony other.”

Kinnunen isn’t abiding what’s next for her, but she does apperceive that any approaching role she takes on will advice advance positive, important messages. “I don’t wish to be allotment of the botheration anymore. I wish to do acceptable plan that says something, that agency something to people, and makes a difference.”

Even admitting The Prom’s Broadway doors are closing, the appearance is far from over. There will be a tour, a Netflix film, and soon, Kinnunen says, top schools above the country will acquire the befalling to accomplish it Long Bridesmaid Dresses. “It will just abide to advance its adulation and achievement and joy,” she declares. “And that is its legacy.”

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