How To Improve The Working Effect Of The Seed Planter

In some planters, the two bearings of the ground wheel are interference fit in the two holes of the fork frame and adopt a through shaft type. The disadvantage is that when the ground wheel fails, the bearing must be hit with a hammer, which is inconvenient for disassembly and assembly and affects the life of the bearing. After changing to the clamp type, it is much more convenient to replace the bearing and repair the ground wheel.

The seeder of some seeders uses hard plastic materials to make the vacuum chamber. Although it has the advantages of low cost and low quality, the transmission parts on both sides of the Seed Planter are metal materials, which are easy to deform the vacuum chamber and leak air during operation , Which affects the degree of vacuum in the vacuum chamber. The use of cast iron to make a vacuum chamber works well.

The transmission part of some planters adopts a series of input power from one end. When a certain group of seed meters fails, it will affect the work of other seed meters. The working quality has been greatly improved after changing the overall series transmission to a single sprocket type parallel transmission.

The air duct made of hard plastic material is very messy from the fan to the seed meter, and it is exposed to the outside, often affecting its life due to wear and aging. The connection channel with the beam as the main air duct not only reduces the sense of chaos, but also avoids the aging of the air pipe and makes it easy to install.

Coverer part. Some planters use ploughshare type soil cover, this soil cover is only suitable for relatively flat land, when the original ridge land is sown, it is easy to produce defects such as loose soil cover or too thick soil cover. Scraper or disc type soil cover can be used for the original ridge plot operation.

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