How To Repair The Seed Planter

  1. After the harvesting work, familiar with the technical status of the Corn Sheller, which parts should be replaced, which gaps should be adjusted, which bolts should be tightened, and which parts should be lubricated. At this time, maintenance, targeted, can effectively avoid failures Missing inspection and repair, saving time and effort.
    2. Timely maintenance, can effectively use the harvester’s “three guarantees” time, faults or parts damage within the “three guarantees” service range, can enjoy free repairs and free replacements from manufacturers.
    3. After the harvest is over, repair it in time. At this time, purchase the shelling machine parts at the lowest price, which can be reduced by more than 30% compared with before the autumn.
    4. The Seed Planter is stored after maintenance and repair, to avoid further corrosion, aging and deformation in the storage, and extend the service life of the sheller.

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