I’m on OSRS gold my telephone doing easy grinding

Etc.. Since I’m on OSRS gold my telephone doing easy grinding a decent amount, I’m going to have trouble responding in any length to message, so I apologize in advance. OSRS is bizarre in contrast to most games nowadays, but I kinda love it, so I am excited about learning more and getting deeper to RuneScape.

I just started as well and if you want a great money maker make some necklaces from gold bars. I made 12,000 of these and created 1.7m golden! Generally people propose doing all free to perform quests to get started. If you decide to go associates, the first bond will be difficult to get with in-game gold. It’s a whole lot simpler to maintain membership with in-game gold when you are a member.

The general recommandation for new members is to work towards barrows gloves (receipe for disaster quest, it’s a lengthy chain you can look on the wiki). The pursuit requirements give you goals to work towards and also unlock alot of articles. Most of all, have fun playing RuneScape!

I cannot. I am not going to willingly help anybody get into such an addictive game. This isnt a joke about entertaining best way to earn money in osrs is, this shit is fucking horrible, stuck clicking on exactly the spots for thousands of hours. You can decide for yourself whether you would like to continue, blissfully ignorant of the particulars of RuneScape, or look deeper, and shed any humanity you have so you can click rocks all day.

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