Immediately before you is Fallout 76 Weapons

Immediately before you is Fallout 76 Weapons a small amount of ammunition and a Responder’s corpse using a tube gun. Take it and whatever else you’ll find. Do not go exploring to the appropriate. Two Liberator robots are there. As mentioned previously, melee weapons will likely be critical in your early adventures.

Moving south along the path, if you venture off to the left/west you will strike a pond and, close to it, what resembles an elevated refuge or deer stand. This is not marked on your map and is not a location that was discoverable. Inside are trash items and some useful supplies.

There is also a banjo and a mouth harp on the 2 chairs here. Play for cheap Fallout 76 Items 30 seconds, and you get the Well Tuned effect, which regenerates
Action Points 25 percent quicker for another hour (real time).

Gently south toward the quest icon which is the Overseer’s Camp. Quit by Wixon Homestead, but be prepared to fight a number of the Scorched. These are humanoid foes such as Ghouls, except they can (and do) wield weapons, such as guns. Take advantage of your machete on as many as possible to conserve ammunition. The Scorched below are low-level and probably will not kill you, however you’re still able to take enough damage to take a Stimpak after it’s all over. If you stumble into or otherwise disturb one, it is going to disintegrate and discard radiation (about 10 RADs) for a brief while.

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