Introduction Of 100w Outdoor Slim Led Floodlight Cooling

1. A 100w outdoor slim led floodlight, with a reasonable heat dissipation design and fine manufacturing, the corresponding relationship between heat dissipation capacity and power. The size and weight of the radiator determine its storage capacity, so the radiator is usually large. The area determines the ability to spread. In order to increase the area, various columns, nets, sheets, etc. are usually arranged.

2. The radiator accounts for a large part of the cost of the lamp. In order to save costs, some factories that cut corners will be replenished and supplemented. So the question is: how do we judge whether the radiator of the lamp is working well?

3. The direct method is to measure the temperature of the LED chip while the bulb is working. This term is called “junction temperature”. How to blow him, the junction temperature is controlled within the receiving range, that is, well done, and vice versa. Junction temperature is not so easy to measure. It requires a series of professional equipment and methods to accurately measure the junction temperature of the LED chip at the core position of the lamp. Sometimes, even if you use professional equipment, you can only see the appearance from the outside, but not the depth measurement. Our general designers and contractors obviously cannot measure the junction temperature when choosing lamps. The soil method is-grip… Then, is the mold hot? Still not hot?

First of all, it is obvious: it is not scientifically persuasive to manually test the temperature of the LED lamp, and then different people have different sensitivity to the temperature. However, when the test equipment is not in the field, the touch can also roughly determine the temperature of the lamp, usually when the temperature of the lamp is lower than the temperature of the burned hand.

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