Introduction To Selection Of Long Shackle Padlock

There are many types of indoor door locks, and everyone’s favorites are different. You can choose the type that suits you according to your favorite selection of long shackle padlock. How many types of indoor door locks are there? What are the considerations for indoor door lock selection? There are many For the problem of friend care, let’s take a look at it together, and hope that the following introduction can help you.

Indoor door lock type

  1. Marble door locks, also called Sibiling locks. The exterior single tongue door lock is the simplest and most economical type of door lock for exterior doors. After being installed, use the key to open outdoors and open with the handle indoors. The effect of the indoor insurance mechanism can fix the lock tongue. The key can not be opened for outdoor use, or the lock tongue can be fixed in the lock, so that the door can be opened and closed freely without a key.
  2. Double tongue marble door lock. Also called exterior double tongue door lock. The handle for indoor use and the key for outdoor use are open, and the key can be reversed outdoors, so that the second bolt can be extended and fixed. An insurance agency can also be used indoors to determine the second bolt. Some can also be connected with a chain to prevent the door from opening all the way.
  3. Windproof ball lock. It can be used on inner doors or doors that only need to be windproof and do not need to be locked. There are touch beads on the lock, and the door can be opened by pushing or pulling hard.
  4. Move the door lock. This kind of lock is suitable for sliding doors. The tongue is in the shape of a crab claw or a hook. The key is required to open the door horizontally after being locked indoors and outdoors.
  5. Aluminum alloy door lock. It is used for aluminum casement door seven, without handle, lock with double tongue, both inside and outside are opened with key.
  6. Spherical door lock. Both interior and exterior doors can be used, with many varieties, beautiful shapes, spherical handles, made of copper, stainless steel and other materials, and pressed into different patterns, the colors are bronze, gold, silver and black. In order to get used to multiple uses, some can be opened with only the handle, and can be used on doors that do not need to be determined, some can be determined by knobs or buttons on the inside, and the outside can be opened with a key, which can be used on doors that require determination; some The outside can be opened with a toothless key, and the safety is not very high.
  7. Toilet lock. Dedicated to the toilet door, it can display the words “person” or “no one”. With a key, it can be confirmed or opened outdoors.
  8. Drawer lock and cabinet door lock. Relatively light and thin, the lock tongue has a crab claw tongue, a square tongue or an oblique tongue. It can be confirmed with the key outside.
  9. Glass iron padlock. There are many types of door locks used only on sliding glass doors, and the specifications of different manufacturers are not the same. With the advancement of science and technology, there are also cross-shaped key first-class door locks, magnetic card key door locks, combination door locks, electronic door locks, fingerprint door locks, voice-activated door locks, etc. to avoid counterfeit keys.

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