It’s probably not news for Kamas Dofus Retro

It’s probably not news for Kamas Dofus Retro you if we state the Cra course has been causing a few problems in DOFUS for a good while. The class has been very effective when it comes to MP reduction PvM, especially thanks to pushback, very high area-of-effect and single-target harm, and most of all, excellent selection. However, Cras really don’t do in PvP, especially 3v3. Like other classes we have been going through the past couple of months, its issues are linked to the concept of this class, and simply changing its worth won’t necessarily make it possible to rebalance it and clean it up, and we are well aware of this.

The idea is to make by revising the way things work and casting requirements, the situation to improve marginally. So as not to conceal anything from you, we want to suggest an overhaul — in whole or in part . The only thing is, there’s still some work to do on all courses, and we would also like to create changes and many corrections as possible to each of these courses, little by little. We want something interesting to offer you, and given how complicated the task is, it’d be a pity to do a halfway job!

No special dates or stoves — but we advised you.In the meantime, you will get the list of changes made below. Particular casting restrictions have been eased, the course is getting more portable using Concentration Arrow, for instance, rather than forgetting team-play tools like Magic Arrow and Crushing Arrow.

How Clover used to work made pre-2.52 Ecaflips a bit too strong, but the Buy Dofus Kamas shift to how it works also led to it being greatly influenced. Actually, we noted a fall during the last few weeks in the 3v3 Kolossium success rate. We believe it important to generate this loss of power to balance out Even though it should have been anticipated.

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