Led Street Light Factory’s Product Design

Led Street Light Factory‘s floodlights have strict industrial design, unique and compact appearance, safe and reliable features, easy to operate, color mixing effect without shadows nearby, and extremely high light output. The floodlight is a point light source that can emit light uniformly in all directions. It is mainly used for decorative lighting of building outlines, overpasses, monuments, pillars, flower beds and other places.

100w outdoor slim led floodlight uses integrated technology of LED light source. According to the characteristics of the LED semiconductor lamp, the ingenious circuit design and the unique appearance of the lighting, the LED lamp can save more than 80% of electricity, which actually achieves high efficiency and energy saving effects. Ultra-long life, the service life is up to 50,000 hours, and it can be used well in various special environments under high and low temperature conditions. Project-light lamp manufacturers have solved the problems of low power and insufficient brightness in the field of semiconductor electric light source lighting, and have shown excellent performance of ultra-high brightness. No need for ballast, no starting difficulty, perfect over current, over voltage, short circuit, temperature, over voltage protection, the optical performance of the lighting is brighter than 60 W / 350 W / 900 W metal halide lamps.

The appearance of LED high-performance headlights and 100w outdoor slim led floodlight can be the same, but the position and lamp parameters are different. The headlight as the illuminating lamp mainly reflects in a large radiation angle and a wide radiation range, and is mainly used for outdoor lighting. The characteristic of the illumination angle of the illumination lamp is small, the illumination area is small, and the illumination distance is large, which mainly reflects the reality you want to emphasize. The floodlight manufacturer briefly describes the lighting effect. The wall washer illuminates a light, and multiple wall washer lights are combined to form the same wall washed by the light. Generally, the lighting distance is not far, and the lighting outline is more obvious. The projection lamp is a beam with a longer radiation distance and a larger area.

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