Less compared to high alch worth of said item

I truly don’t know the point of this conversation. I never said demand and supply don’t exist in other games, or other games do not have a player run economy. The point I was attempting to make is that I like RS’s execution of the GE and the rs economy. It’s clicked more than matches to buy OSRS gold, and it happened to be. That’s it. So that I do not understand why you are attempting to assert it it’s really completely subjective. With that, I’m signing off of the comment chain and wish you a fantastic day:-RRB-?

What you are saying isn’t true. The G.E is different than many auction houses in MMOs and you will find MMOs that lack a ge/auction house, or participant trading altogether. Many MMOs use an auction house very similar to wow. In WoW, when you buy a pile of items from the auction house or an item, each listing is an item/items that are listed by one participant only and 1 player. So if you wanted to buy 1000 of a certain substance, you need to buy a number of stacks from multiple individuals that will probably be a price that is different. In RS, in the event that you wished to purchase 1000 of something, you simply add a bid, and you get said materials whenever you are possibly the highest bidder or there is sufficient excess of item to be sold to multiple buyers.

A big one not to forget would be high alching. High alching single handedly prevents any product from becoming worthless, and before you write a composition how I’m incorrect, I oblige you to discover an item where the buy-able G.E price plus the cost of 1 nature rune is significantly less compared to high alch worth of said item, and stays that price for more than 24 hours. All of longbows would be unworthy, if what you said were true, but thanks to high alching, their prices have remained steady for YEARS.

To say skills are useless at runescape is a statement if you anticipate there to be no upgrades to the game again. For instance, let us say RS adds a new ore that requires 95 mining to collect, and it is 10x more valuable than a runite ore. If you just had 85 mining since runite ore rather than leveled beyond it, then you’d have to spend a loooong time to have that 95 mining requirement to mine the ore that is new, so long in reality, that the costs of the new ore will have spiked significantly by the time you get to 95 mining. All of the gamers will have made millions if not billions of gp by the time you buy the costs drop and 95 mining, and with 95 + mining will probably set the costs for the brand new ore with cheap runescape 3 gold. So yes, it is helpful to train past the tier of gatherables/craftables.

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