Maintenance Of Modern Planting Machiner

Now in this fast era of modernization development, it is often unable to keep up with the pace of the times. Nowadays, the modernized production of agriculture is the most effective example of modernization development. From the advanced design and advanced ideas on the planting machine, the modern development changes are reflected. Incisively.

Everyone knows the role of theVegetable Planter iron plow in cultivated land. If you can pay attention to the use and maintenance, it will not affect the work of the vegetable planter, but also extend the life of the planter iron plow. Therefore, the storage and care of the iron plow is very important. The following points should be noted:

1. Before and after use, you must check various parts of the vegetable planter and tighten the screws near the iron plow;

2. When transported to the ground, the vegetable planter plow body should be put down, the front head should be supported on the wheel frame, and the rear head should support the sliding plate to the ground to avoid damage to the guide wheel and the traction body. This operation can avoid damage and turn. It is also necessary to avoid turning small corners to avoid damage to the guide wheel and the traction body;

3. During use, the iron plough should not be placed on the wet ground and prevent rain from getting wet;

4. After use, the soil around the iron plough of the vegetable planter should be completely removed and completely dried to prevent rust, and all parts should be checked for damaged or missing parts for timely repair;

5. It is best to have a special farm tool store where pears are kept. If not, they can be placed in a dry room. The iron plough of the vegetable planter should be placed steadily when it is placed, so as not to damage it upside down, nor to pile up all the farm tools together and crush the plow;

6. Be sure to pay attention to the iron coulter of the vegetable Planting Machine, and apply the machine oil mixed with powder to the iron plough wall and iron plough. The metal surface of the wheel oil and the screw buckle, etc., must be thicker lubricants on the picture;

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