Maintenance Of Planting Machine

How to maintain the Vegetable Planter, let the editor of the Vegetable Planter manufacturer introduce to you.

Lubricate the bearing of the main shaft (through the suction hole on the copper eccentric wheel) and the hinged joint on the top of the piston every 50 hours of operation. Manually press down the nozzle tube, lift the piston from the cylinder and apply a little lubricating oil on the piston rod. After adding oil, wipe off excess oil.

Clean the venturi every 50 hours of operation. Take it out of the venturi socket, and use a nozzle cleaning line provided with it to clean the dust, seed shells and other debris attached to it.

In particularly humid places (air relative humidity RH greater than 80%), it is necessary to install a dryer in the main air pipe of the planter. In addition, it is recommended to empty the compressed air tank every day.

When the Planting Machine is not in use, cover the Planting Machine with a piece of plastic sheet or similar to prevent dust and dirt.

At the end of the planting season, or when the Planting Machine  will not be used for a long time, store it in a dry place away from dust and dirt. Clean the seed tray and protect the air supply pipeline.

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