MapleStory M has a frequent maintenance schedule

And lastly, I thought accuracy should give us a chance of coping on 1 line of damage on creatures with cancel weapon atk and cancel magic attack. With limit precision there should have a 10 percent chance to deal with damage, then for archers it should be a little higher Maple M Mesos  because they have a great deal of accuracy.

Ok now I’m done with my thoughts concerning this present cap damage system and issues it can bring. Also done to suggest some stuffs to balance classes and to bring RPG facet. In addition, I want decent skills from possible system being deleted!! Since it really doesnt help. We have classes with these fans x.x

Don’t forget guys, this really is a MMORPG!!!! Which comprises RPG And play this game for fun please by enjoying all contents the game offers.Your thought about the present cap damage guys? And about course rebalance? Any suggestions to fix these issues? Should Nexon be more stricted with individuals who split ToS? What do you think about stats generally, such as all harm system?

You are welcome to leave positive comments here. If you do not agree with my principal post or alternative participant opinions, please do not strike them and be more constructive. Particular classes have a lot of lines, especially Wild Hunter using 3 lines of Hurricane, so we might consider of lowering number of lines to make it even more fair.Final EDIT: If we could reduce pay2win facet and boosting RPG aspect even more, we could significantly decrease the amount of illegal transactions.

So we are able to suggest to substantially increase drop rate of cubic blades and buy MaplestoryM Mesos cubes should be instanced drop, nevertheless untradeable XD AND from bosses just, NOT elite boss. If they want, they can still put cosmetic items in FM store.

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