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    In a comparison to two individuals (usually men, as it happens), it means that they resemble each other closely in certain essential characteristics. They aren’t wholly alike, but being "cut from the same cloth," thay have the same essential characteristics. Those characteristics can be either good or bad. It started when most adults either cut cloth or had the opportunity to see it being cut. Nowadays only a certain small fraction of women actually ask for cloth to be cut for them. SS

    If you look back a few hundred years, families would buy a bolt of fabric to make there clothes from, so all in the family would be notably cut from the same cloth. In some communities they would maintain a certain fabric or tartan and that pattern would be identified with the specific family that used it again and again.

    Very similar in characteristics or behaviors.

    I hate the snow, but my kids just love it—they are definitely cut from the same cloth.

    Julia and her mother are cut from the same cloth, as they are both so kind and sweet.

    Fig. sharing a lot of similarities; seeming to have been created, reared, or fashioned in the same way. She and her brother are cut from the same cloth. They both tell lies all the time. Father and son are made from the same mold and even sound alike on the telephone.

    If or more people are cut from the same cloth, they are very similar in their character, attitudes, or behaviour. It’s often said that London critics are all cut from the same cloth: that they are white, male, middle-aged and middle-class. Note: You can say that people are cut from a different cloth, meaning they are very different. His brother was cut from an altogether different cloth.

    1999 Washington Post The last thing a franchise needs is for the two most important men at the top to be cut from the same cloth.

    It’s fun to learn about the history and original meaning behind common idioms we use today. Did you really know what these meant before reading this article? Probably not since the meaning was “lost in translation” in a way. Even though we don’t use these idioms for their literal meaning they still bring a lot to our language today. Check out this fun song about idioms.

    The idiom to bleed like a stuck pig is used to refer to someone who is bleeding heavily. The origin of this phrase comes from the slitting of a hunted pigs throat. Hunters cut the throat of a pig to hasten its death but it also results in a significant amount of blood loss.

    Ferrin’s clothes are designed to empower and inspire the women who wear them, as well as the people who make them. Her company is committed to doing business solely with ethical manufacturing partners. And in 2007, Ferrin created the Freedom Project to help those around the world whose lives have been devastated by abuse and exploitation.

    Each Abi Ferrin hang tag incorporates special handmade buttons created by abuse survivors taking part in the Freedom Project. In addition to fair wages and benefits, participants receive counseling to help in their recovery, as well as education on health, nutrition, personal finance, literacy and English. So far, the Freedom Project has helped people in Cambodia, Nepal and Peru.

    cut from the same cloth origin, Language Skills Abroad

    The idiom cut from the same cloth is a term used to describe people who share many similarities or who resemble each other; seemingly created, raised, or fashioned almost identically.

    Take a few minutes each day in SEPTEMBER to teach the secrets of IDIOMS to your kids & grandkids. Understanding IDIOMS is a wonderful way to enrich reading and language development.

    Midland songwriter Neil Ivison is a singer cut from the same cloth as Paul Rodgers but his debut album isn’t a nostalgia trip, instead offering contemporary class and an energy that suggests barnstorming live gigs.

    It is of a piece with the entire republican system of taxation; it is cut from the same cloth .