• lope kane posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    A common issue with video games is the presence of fish shooter movement. When you control a tank, the game ends and the fish travel back to the, never actually advancing. You have to wait for the timer to finish and you have to shoot them again, sometimes multiple times.

    fish shooter movement
    This problem can be easily solved by using water, but with so many alternatives, why not make your own fish shooter? If you’re not skilled enough to do this, consider using another material, such as a towel or cloth, in which to apply the fish, as the liquid will work as a lubricant.

    The second thing to be careful about when creating this movement is to avoid using too large an amount of oil on the towel, as it will begin to affect the movement. Also, you should remove any large amounts of excess water from the towel, as this will decrease the number of movements you can create.

    By placing a piece of string or rubber bands over the towel, you will allow the water to flow into the towel, allowing the towel to take up less water, thus increasing the number of movements you can make. I personally like to use a strand of cloth and thread it through, tying off to prevent too much folding of the cloth, as this may cut the strings.