Pay Attention To The Printing Of Roll Sublimation Paper

  1. The glue quality of roll sublimation paper


Rubber grade: mainly synthetic rubber as the main raw material, suitable for thermal transfer and thermal transfer screen printing production process. It has excellent fastness to knitted fabrics, TC, cotton and various other fabrics.


Polyurethane grade: Polyurethane is the main material, mainly used in the screen printing production process, such as heat transfer elasticity grade, fine line washing and heat transfer printing. It has excellent fastness to elastic fabrics, leather and other materials.


Second, clothing cloth


If the fabric of the clothes is waterproof, or the elasticity and bulkiness of the clothes are better than roll sublimation paper, you need to test it.


Three, hot stamping matters needing attention


The three principles of hot stamping refer to the three elements of temperature, time and pressure in the hot stamping process. As we all know, roll sublimation paper is composed of various resins, fillers, colorants and adhesives. In the transfer process, you can use external components (devices) to achieve. The three principles and their functions are usually divided into:


The pressure exerts pressure during the transfer process, and the superimposed force is generated by the leverage of the mechanical parts, which is beneficial to the fusion of the transfer film and the substrate. The temperature mainly dissolves and melts during the transfer process. Time is the period to ensure the dissolution, fusion and curing of the adhesive during the transfer process. Controlling thermal transfer from three aspects can determine the fastness of thermal transfer. However, due to various reasons, the roll sublimation paper will also fall off. Choose professional sublimation paper wholesale, Hangzhou Hydrotech Co.,Ltd. is professional and trustworthy.

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