Product Standards Of Led Street Light Factory

After the improvement of the PCT bracket data by the manufacturer, the driving power has been increased from 0.7W in the past to 1-1.2W. In addition to opening the gap with the PPA bracket in one fell swoop, it also cut into the market of 0.7-1.2W among the original EMC products. Cost-effective PCT products are also an important product line in 2014 for some LED packaging factories.
The output of mid-power shopping malls surpassed high-power for the first time in 2013. Philips, which was originally focused on high-power shopping malls, was also active in mid-power shopping malls in 2013. In addition to the mid-power products that have been launched, Philips also plans to have a smaller size, better luminous power per unit area, and five-sided luminous, xiangruilight Led Street Light Factory products with a large luminous viewpoint. , Obviously its fancy degree to the mid-power market.
3. Solar LED lighting
Solar LED lighting integrates the advantages of solar energy and LED. The system is composed of solar cell components (including brackets), LED lamp holders, control box (with controller and battery inside) and light poles. The high light power of the solar panel is very beneficial to the wind resistance planning of the system; the lamp holder part uses 1W white LED and 1W yellow LED integrated on the printed circuit board as a dot matrix arranged at a certain distance as the plane light source.
The operating principle of the system is simple. The solar cell made by the photovoltaic effect principle during the day receives solar radiation energy and converts it into electrical output. It is stored in the battery through the charge and discharge controller. The night illumination gradually decreases, and the charge and discharge controller detects When this voltage is measured, the battery discharges the lamp cap. After the battery is discharged for 8.5 hours, the charge and discharge controller will act and the battery will be discharged. The primary function of the charge and discharge controller is to maintain the battery.
The initial investment of 100w outdoor slim led floodlight is still a top issue. However, the luminous efficiency of solar cells is gradually improving, and the price will gradually decline. Similarly, the luminous efficiency of LEDs in the market is rapidly improving, while the price is falling. Compared with the renewable, clean and pollution-free solar energy and the environmental protection and energy saving of LEDs, conventional fossil power is becoming more serious and will pollute the environment. Therefore, as a kind of field lighting in the ascendant, solar LED lighting will show us immeasurable vitality and broad prospects.

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