Provide them RuneScape gold as well

Provide them RuneScape gold as well as explaining new password requirements for the site. I get that this is all for security, but it really is starting to get on my last nerve. High profile service providers, especially in the gaming industry, are constantly under attack from hackers. I doubt anyone has forgotten the most recent incidents involving Sony

and Microsoft over the holidays. On top of our personal and financial information being in jeopardy, it feels like I’m having to change my password somewhere on a regular basis. At this point, I genuinely struggle remembering all of those passwords, which usually leads to getting locked out of said accounts because, oops, I entered the

wrong one two or three times.Again, it’s all for our safety, but it’s frustrating that these measures have to be taken, especially when so many of these hackers claim to be doing this ?just to see if they can? or to simply hurt companies like Sony or Twitch. Maybe get a new hobby, like playing Runescape video Runescape games, yeah

Then your free time won’t be spent making millions of other people miserable osrs best skill for money You aren’t hurting the mega corporations here. They aren’t losing customers or dollars worth fretting over. You’re just hurting average people who want to play Runescape games and watch streams of Bloodborne or Battlefield when they finally have a

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