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Recoverit Photo Recovery Software Review – Bolt Posts

It is always thought to be a difficult process, but photo recovery is possible now. There is no wonder that you may lose some of your pictures sooner or later. It might turn into a big issue, if the lost pictures are very important for you, your family, or your business. Retrieving them would be necessary. You will need an advanced tool to recover those pictures. Is that tool Recoverit Photo Recovery software or not? You can find the answer in this review. 

A brief introduction of Recoverit Photo Recovery software:

Recoverit deleted photo recovery software is produced and sold by Wondershare. It is one of the leading PDF tools, video software, and PC utilities providers for both Windows and Mac. This company has introduced some great programs for video editing, video conversion, photo, PDF creation and conversion, and for creating slideshows. Now it is offering a tool that can find your deleted pictures without any trouble and recover them. 

Yes, Recoverit can , retrieve deleted photos from SD card, mobile phones, camcorders, cameras, mobile phones, and hard drives of your computer. This is a remarkable tool for people, who have no technical expertise and who still want to recover permanently removed pictures on their own. 

How to use Recoverit Photo Recovery?

Deleted image recovery becomes an effortless task to perform, when you have a highly sophisticated software to perform this task. Recoverit photo recovery features the simplest possible approach for recently deleted photo recovery. This is how you can use this program to get back your precious pictures. 


  • Install Recoverit Photo Recovery software on your computer:


You can download this program from Wondershare’s official website or find it directly on the internet. Some of you might like to test this program before you buy it. So, there is a free version for you. This free version works exactly like the premium version, but it can recover only 10 pictures. It can be a great choice for you if you want to recover just a few images. It is for assessing the performance of this program. Therefore, you should go for it and try it. 

You can buy the premium version directly if you are willing to recover a huge bunch of pictures from your memory card, hard drive, smartphone, or another device. It will not cost a lot, but it will do some wonders for you. 


  • Locate your deleted photos:


It should not be too tough for you to know how to proceed ahead because everything is pretty simple with Recoverit digital image recovery program. Launch this program and you will see a list of all the drives on your computer, external devices, and eliminated partitions on the left column. Now you have to locate your pictures and for that you have to select the storage location. Click on a drive or external device that had contained your pictures and then click the “Start” button. This program will initiate disk photo recovery process. 


  • Select your pictures:


This camera photo recovery program swiftly scans the whole target location to find pictures, videos, audio files, and other files. You will see the scanning progress on the top and soon this program will reveal all your pictures deleted or erased in the recent past. You must preview those extracted photos before you restore them. 

It will help you in leaving useless photos and choosing only important photos. This process may take some time, but you will prevent yourself from collecting unnecessary garbage. You may find some photos that you didn’t even know deleted and precious for you. So, spend some time in checking all the pictures Recoverit picture restoration finds.


  • Recover your photos:


Now is the time to restore all those deleted pictures. Click the “Recover” button if you have selected all those important pictures. This program will take a very little time to recover those pictures. That’s how it restores deleted pictures. 

Pros and cons:


  • Simple user interface
  • It supports all the photo, video, audio, and document formats
  • Locates files quickly and recovers them faster than other tools. 
  • Available with a free version


The free version can restore only 10 pictures. It is great for testing the performance of Recoverit image retrieval software but not for restoring a bulk of images for free. 

Final thoughts:

People used to feel frustrated and forget about their deleted pictures. Those days do not exist anymore because tools like Recoverit photo recovery software have made it possible to recover deleted files. This program is simply flawless. It features the simplest possible photo recovery method. This program covers minimal space on your computer and it is pretty fast. Therefore, you can bank upon this program and use it. This will be your personal photo recovery program for recovering sensitive and private pictures.

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