Show us what Jagex RuneScape gold will

Show us what Jagex RuneScape gold will look like. The hints he dropped last year around new games and new initiatives have yet to manifest into anything tangible.There was quite a lot of self-reflection, if we’re honest. Thinking about that which Jagex is really very good at.That has now manifested itself into athree pronged strategyCreating

RuneScape a priority for Jagex may seem obvious, but the company has made the error of not looking after it before. Throughout the era of the ill-fated Transformers title, RuneScape began to wane. It had become neglected. Over the past four years who has changed – such as the launch of the nostalgia-tinged Old School RuneScape –

and the results have been plain to see.A couple weeks ago we had our greatest peak concurrent user level for eight decades, Mansell shows. Those games are moving through a true renaissance, rather than just as a one off. We have had four years of constant growth now.RuneScape doesn’t get as much media as a few of the other big

online names. Mansell posits that its lack of Steam rs 2007 gold does not help. He says that the game would be sitting around fifth or sixth on the Steam most played games list, and he expects to maintain the game’s expansion with the introduction of a mobile edition.The two RuneScape and Old School are closed beta on cellular. We’ll get at least



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