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World of Kings Gold Loong Entertainment has announced that its upcoming 3D Western Fantasy MMORPG title World of Kings will launch an open beta for its English and German versions on iOS and Android devices on May 30th. Players in North America South America Europe and the Middle East can pre-register now to earn in-game rewards at launch including the Hell warhorse mount and crowns and diamonds with additional bonus gifts becoming available once pre-registrations reach a certain number.

World of Kings features dozens of PvE dungeons to discover that can require anywhere between 5 to 25 players to complete each intertwined with exciting backstories and epic dungeon bosses with their own unique fighting style. Teamwork is a must to take down a dungeon boss and the greater the difficulty the greater the rewards. There will always be some worthwhile reward at the end of battle as players will not only be given new gear but they can also exchange gear they don’t want for gold coins. Gold coins obtained by players will be distributed evenly across all participants.

World of Kings has four races: Human High Elves Dwarves and Orcs and nine classes. buy WOK Gold Each class can evolve into three different types. World of Kings also has a very complete skill system with talents and mastery.

Players will traverse a world map measuring a massive 26 million square meters and can journey from one corner of the world to the other without experiencing any loading thanks to the title’s Seamless Map technology making this a truly open-world game.

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